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Our Members

you guys rock!

Members, we can always count on:

  • Sarah Vaclavik

  • Larina Müller

  • Delphine Roth

  • Elif Useini

  • Moritz Alder

  • Rebeca Apolo

  • Jeanine Etschmann

  • Katharina Esposito

  • Georg Bückmann

  • Natasa Grujicic

  • Helena Kwon

  • Elena Pinna

  • Angela Maranda

  • Marco Sutter

  • Hannah Wepler

  • Martine Fehr

  • Cornelia Frst

  • Michael Gmuer


Eva Cabanas & Filipe Ribeiro (Portuguese)

Anaik Horii (French)

Rebeca Apolo (Italian & Spanish)

Anna Herbst (German)

*Excerpt from the articles of association of Buy Food with Plastic:


Art. 6, the membership is open to all persons and organizations who are interested in the achievement of the purposes of the Association mentioned in Art. 2 from the extract of the Articles of Association.

Within the limits of the means at its disposal, the Association shall consider the publication of an information sheet for members and interested third parties.

Art. 8, Applications for membership must be addressed to the Executive Board. The executive committee decides on the admission and informs the members in writing and the General Assembly at the meetings.

The membership expires by:

a) The resignation.

b) The exclusion for "important reasons".

The board is responsible for the committee. The person concerned may appeal against this decision. If the member repeatedly fails to pay the fee (for two years), the member will be expelled from the club.