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Plastic. The new currency.

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We are based in Zürich, Switzerland.

Our vision is to sensitize people to a more conscious use of plastics. We give value to plastic and use it as a currency. In countries like Nicaragua, we organize events where people in the local communities can pay for a meal with plastic bottles. We reduce plastic waste and simultaneously help the population to afford healthy food. We work in line with the United Nations Development Goals and put specifically weight on no. 2, zero hunger and 13, climate action.

With the collected plastic we are currently constructing houses. Once we have enough resources, our goal will be to build wells in disadvantaged countries to entirely release the water supply from plastic bottles.

Watch the video below to see how it works.


Is it possible to buy food with plastic? Now it is.


Buy Food with Plastic came up as a response to the environmental and political issues that I encountered while travelling with my friend in Nicaragua summer of 2018. We saw plastic along the shorelines and the political crisis that escalated simultaneously had severe consequences for the tourism industry. Many hotels and restaurants along the coast were forced to close since few foreigners came to Nicaragua. When we saw that families in the communities struggled to provide food for their children, it became clear: if locals would help to collect plastic – they could use plastic to pay for a meal. The idea was well received in the communities. Many people participated in our events and around 15’000 plastic bottles were collected and used as building material for a new house in the community. Our vision is to continue to implement the project all over the world and create a movement to raise awareness about how plastic is valuable, as well as extremely hazardous, if not taken care of. We hope that you'll join us on that journey.

Khalil Radi, Founder


One bottle.
Huge impact.

What can we do with 300 USD? And what happens with the plastic? Read more about our operations and the impact we create.

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