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How do we ensure transparency? 

USD 300 is wired to our ambassador each month.

For each event, the ambassador has to send a shopping list enclosed with the receipts for the purchases made for the event.

After the event, the ambassador has to send a list of all the employees' signatures that they received their salary.

Sharing of photos and videos from the event must be shared to ensure that the activities really took place.

After each event, the ambassador has to report what went well, what did not, and if necessary, the amount of funds will be adjusted.


How are we financed? 


Contributions from non-locals at the events.

A minuscule amount from plastic bottles that are sold for recycling.


Some facts

Since inception we created 12 paid jobs.

We aim to turn plastic into a currency to enhance its value.

We fight against plastic pollution, as well as combatting hunger.


Some figures

One meal = circa 2.00 USD

One event with 150 guests = 300 USD

About 150 meals per event are distributed

Roughly 1500 plastic bottles are collected per event 

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