For about 300 USD we can host an event. This means providing food for around 150 people, collecting approximately 1500 plastic bottles and paying fair salaries for roughly 12 people in the local currency. After the event, the plastic we assemble can be used in different manners. For instance, we build houses, as in our project in Nicaragua. We also recycle plastic, or let third parties reuse it for new products.


creating job opportunities

Since inception, we have created 12 paid jobs where we use local talent in the area. The team makes sure to host, cook and manage the events from start to finish. 


Building houses of plastic bottles

We are often asked how one can build houses with plastic. When plastic is saved, segregated and packed into bottles, it is possible to make building blocks that can be reused over and over again to build spaces that enrich both communities and the biosphere.  Check out this video for learning more!

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Collecting plastic 

One event brings in between 1000-1500 plastic bottles, capsules, jars and other harmful plastic material. It is collected by the efforts of people living in the community and tourists visiting. 

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Recycling plastic and prolonging its lifecycle

We also recycle and reuse plastic. In Nicaragua, we have established contacts to recycle businesses and organizations that reuse plastic to make new products to use and sell at the local market. 

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Fighting hunger

We aim to target areas where issues of hunger and poverty persist. For the events, our visitors need to bring their own plates and cutlery so we don't produce more waste. 

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Informing about plastic, and ITS Pollution

Education is one of our main priorities to make a sustainable impact in the communities. For instance, we show movies about how plastic pollution harms both nature and humans and hand out books and other material to inform about environmental degradation.