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Impressions from the first event in Nicaragua

First time doing something always includes some nerves, a bit of uncertainty, but most of all a whole lot of courage and positivity. Similarly, these feelings kicked in when we were setting up the first Buy Food with Plastic event. Yet, as kliché as it may sound - it turned out being an unexpected success. Almost 200 people from the community showed up; the kids were dressed in their fanciest outfits and some with extravagant hairstyles. Thanks to donations received from friends and family, our Nicaraguan team could provide food, music, two pinatas and great ambiance that brought both locals, tourists, young and old together for a social exchange. Together, we collected more than 1000 plastic bottles. Although Nicaragua is facing a very hard time at the moment, it was both overwhelming yet so joyous and blissful to see so many happy faces in one place. Check out the gallery to get a glimpse from the event - and stay tuned for the next!