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Third time lucky, fourth time's a charm

After piloting the project during the summer, we left Nicaragua with new learnings and key-takeaways while delegating the full responsibility on the ground in Virgen Morena to Jaffet and the team. Happy and slightly overwhelmed, we recently received a bunch of photos, videos and updates from the fourth event organised under Jaffet’s firm direction. Seeing that the project is continued certainly marks significance in a variety of ways. First, that it actually WORKS (!) is simply astonishing. The idea has turned into persistent action and impact where hazardous plastic is continuously being recycled, knowledge about sustainability is shared and children together with their parents, friends and people from different parts of the community come together while sharing a meal over good talks. Second, it shows that ideas can only play out in practice if there is a certain degree of trust involved between the initiators. With that said, we are incredibly thankful for the time spent in Nicaragua; for meeting incredible individuals that are now part of our team - consisting of over ten permanent members. Thank you - team, donors and supporters that have made the creation of plentiful beautiful moments possible, and where more are about to come.