Managing Team

Dedicated individuals with a proven record of resilience who manage the project from idea to action. We all work voluntarily, we do admin, marketing, managing and growth tasks.


KHALIL RADI, Founder (Volunteer)


Born in Switzerland with Moroccan roots, Khalil is a true global citizen and a strong "doer" with broad professional experience within finance, accounting, relationship management and creative businesses. He has gained experience from six years within the banking sector in Switzerland and from studies within International Management at ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences. Khalil is passionate about turning ideas into actions and create change for people in his environment and is known for making impossible things possible with an extreme accuracy and efficiency. 

Languages: German (native), English, Spanish and French.

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Xenia Meier, strategy (Volunteer) 


Xenia, 24, has Swiss parents but spent her childhood in Asia and met Khalil during her International Management studies at the ZHAW. From an early age on she was drawn to bringing people together and embracing diversity through communication and intercultural dialogue. Wether its building houses in Cambodia, protecting elephants in South Africa or teaching English in China - Xenia hopes to mobilise those networks she built in order to broaden horizons, foster partnerships and create something that inspires and connects people from all over the world. 

Languages: German (native), English, French, Dutch

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Anna herbst, communication & Social Media (Volunteer)


Growing up in Berlin and living in Switzerland for ten years, Anna developed her passion for the intercultural at an early age and has already seen a lot of the world through her great desire to travel. She likes to combine her travels with social projects. So she gained early ex­perience in hospitals and children's homes in Cambodia and is currently working for disadvan­taged children in Zurich voluntarily. In 2018, she completed her communication studies at the University of Zurich, where she was taught a lot about media, language and organizational development. This is exactly what she now uses for the Communication and Translation-Organization at Buy Food with Plastic. 

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes“- Marcel Proust

Languages: German (native), English

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Lena Götsch, Sustainability & Food (Volunteer)


As a Swiss-born with Spanish roots, Lena has witnessed cultural differences from an early age and has always felt the need to help those less fortunate. After graduation in International Management at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), she started working at the university’s Center for Corporate Responsibility and volunteered to be a mentor for refugees.

As a passionate cook and foodie, Lena's attention quickly moved towards sustainable food. With a diploma in Plant Based Nutrition and working experience as a Food Consultant for one of the most well-known culinary brands in Switzerland, Lena is our expert when it comes to healthy and sustainable food choices. She contributes to Buy Food with Plastic by creating recipes with local and seasonal ingredients and coordinates the food we serve with the respective cooks. It is her purpose to create awareness of the impact food has on our natural resources and personal wellbeing.

Languages: German (native), Spanish (native), English, French


Elena HauptMANN, Strategy (Volunteer)


"Born and raised among Europe and Latin America, Elena has a multicultural background and has ever since learned to manage ambiguity with joy and structure. Today, she works as a management consultant and holds a Master in Business Management from University of St. Gallen with focus on strategy and sustainability and is constantly striving to work on complex problems with a purpose.

“To me, sustainable business and doing good are no opposites. As a society we should aim to grow while making the world a better place.”

Elena is experienced in managing and engaging in NGOs, having actively supported various non-profit organisations in the area of sustainability as well as diversity & inclusion. At Buy Food With Plastic she is responsible for strategy and growth initiatives.

Languages: German (native), Portuguese (native), Spanish, English, French

Laura Werup.jpeg

LAURA WERUP, co-pilot (Volunteer)


With a flair for digital design and with an MSc. In International Political Economy, Laura combines her knowledge from different fields to create narratives and build solid strategic views. She has experience in the public and private sectors from working in a global consulting firm, the Swedish government, NGOs and start-ups. As a freelance photographer and web designer, she recognizes the power of design and storytelling in all forms of communication. Laura lives and breathes in international environments, likes to meet new people and passionately writes stories about the world as things really are.

Language: Swedish (native), English, Danish, French and Spanish.

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Since 2017, Anina has been working and traveling as a digital nomad. She runs her own communications & PR agency and works for corporations and NGOs worldwide. She is passionate about experiencing other cultures and listening to peoples’ stories. After her masters degree in business administration at the University of St.Gallen, Switzerland, she held leadership positions in agencies, the finance and IT industry. Anina is a creative thinker, strong networker and never tired of sharing her ideas with others. 

Languages: German (native), English, Spanish and French.

Lorenzo Esposito.JPG

Lorenzo esposito, Finance (Volunteer)


Finance and controlling have always been his gift. Due to his helpful nature and his awareness of contributing to sustainable development, Lorenzo is taking over the role as the Head Auditor of Buy Food with Plastic.  He handles his job with great conscientiousness and is very proud to be part of the Team: "I hope that Buy Food with Plastic can continue to reach people from all over the world and realize many other projects like the one in Nicaragua."

Lorenzo is currently taking care of the main and secondary books in a medium-sized company as a Finance Specialist and also leads his sole proprietorship in accounting.

Languages: German (native), Italian (native)

Marko Vucic.JPG

Marko vucic, videographer & logistics (volunteer)


Growing up in Serbia and living in Switzerland for more than ten years now, Marko developed an incredible gift for process optimization. His keen intellect links issues with each other and finds efficient solutions. During his apprenticeship he acquired this talent as a logistics specialist and carried it out even further in his training in the field of supply chain. Another great passion of his is video shooting. Marko is able to capture special moments through the lens and has a great eye for the outstanding. At Buy Food with Plastic, he is the main person responsible for the video shoots and also supports us with his logistical skills.

“It always seems impossible until it is done” - Nelson Mandela

Languages: Serbian (native), German, English


Rubina Meixger, Event Management (Volunteer)


Due to her communicative and empathic nature, Rubina describes herself as a philanthropist, who travels the world with open eyes. Personal development is very important to her. She lives by the motto:

"Whoever only does what he knows will not develop further".

For 10 years, Rubina has been a freelance performer and moderator for events of all kinds. But not only on stage, but also behind the scenes she works with a lot of passion. Rubina used to work in event management for the Swiss Music Awards and recently joined the event team at Compresso AG, one of the leading communication agencies in Switzerland. She also brings knowledge in lean management, sales, music management, moderation coaching and gastronomy. That’s why Rubina supports the Buy Food with Plastic team in project planning and implementations of domestic events.

Languages: German (native), English


Jaffet davila, Country Manager Nicaragua 

Jaffet was born in Virgen Morena, an indigenous village in Nicaragua. After college, he started to work as a construction manager for hotels. Jaffet considers working as a passion, especially when he shares knowledge. As ambassador for Buy Food with Plastic, he manages all the local activities in Nicaragua and put heavy focus on education about plastic pollution for sustainable development: “this project is essential for the community, but also for the global good. Because by sustaining a healthier environment, not only one nation benefits, but the entire globe since we all inhale the same air”. 

Languages: Spanish (native).


sirma dogan, administration (Volunteer)

Since her childhood, Sirma was always inspired by what can be achieved through solidarity. Subsequently, she got involved in projects that encouraged people to take initiative and break down walls imposed by society to help those who’s life was marked by hardship. She is passionate about the various colours of different cultures and loves to spend her time with positive people.

With her administrative experience in over four industries and NPO’s centred around refugee relief, she was instantly drawn to the mission of Buy Food with Plastic and has become the organisational mastermind behind all administrative tasks and we are super happy to have her on board.

Languages: Kurdish (native), Turkish (native), German, English


Begüm kilickaya, hr & Sponsoring (Volunteer)


Through her Turkish roots and her Swiss mentality, Begüm has acquired a particularly international worldview that combines East and West. She brings years of experience in HR and is currently studying Business Communications. She has a special gift for socializing and maintaining business relations, which she proofed in her work with several startups in an international environment. That great passion for social nature has led her to become a part of the NGO Buy Food with Plastic. She is now developing and maintaining strong external relationships with potential sponsors, corporate partners and supporters for Buy Food with Plastic.

„I believe that the values of teamwork and dedication are the cornerstones of success. "

Begüm is willing to take that a step further and wants to leave an impact on society.

Languages: German (native), Turkish (native), French, English


Christian Herbst, Mental Coach (Volunteer)


As a passionate motorcyclist Christian knows how to take the windy roads in life and what to do, when the going gets tough. Early in his career he started out as Real Estate Agent and then consequently developed his coaching and teaching skills. He led an international school for leadership development, holds a degree in solution focused short therapy, is teaching at a Swiss Coaching School and brings more than 20 years of experience as a leader, speaker, coach and trainer.

He loves helping people make the necessary changes for growth in their businesses or their lives. Just as his favorite quote says: “The grass is always greener… where you water it.” (Neil Barringham).

He therefore supports the Buy Food with Plastic team with his extraordinary coaching skills and is able to help solve difficult situations in the process.

Language: German (native), English


Team Nicaragua

Team Nicaragua is a fixed team of workers that operationalize the Buy Food with Plastic activities in Nicaragua. They organize events, cook food, transport the collected plastic to the recycle station and spread awareness about the project and how to prevent plastic pollution in the community. They are all employed and paid by Buy Food with Plastic.