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You'd like to get involved? Great! Please find our most needed volunteering positions below. If you find nothing that matches your skills or aspirations, just become a passive member and be part of our organization anyways!


Become a member of our organization

  • You automatically participate in our various projects

  • We'll come to you first if we need help or advice from your field of expertise

  • You will be invited to our annually club meetings and stay up to date

  • You are mentioned on our website

The membership fee for members is $50 per year.

Download the application for a membership here.

Please send the application to and transfer the membership fee to our account with one of our many payment options:

Credit Card, Bank transfer or Paypal. As soon as the fee arrives, you are part of Buy Food with Plastic!


Our most needed volunteering positions


Graphic Desginer 

You have an eye for details, beautiful visual content and work efficiently in Adobe programs. You can help us to create logotypes and online graphical content and for web, social media and print.

Fund Raiser

You like challenges and a change of routine in your regular life. That's why you'd love to hunt dollars that can pay the wages for +10 people in Nicaragua, give +150 kids food and clean up the nature from plastic.


We send you video content, you'll edit it fast while making sure to highlight the most important messages. You also know the right measurements for high quality posts on web and social media. 


You breathe life into the stories about Buy Food with Plastic's events and community work. You're an editorial thinker and would love to write cool pieces for the sake of reducing plastic pollution and hunger.

Photographer in Nicaragua  

You have a good camera and would like to spend some time in Nicaragua with wonderful people, while capturing great shots at our events. 

Translator French

You like to tweak words and get excited about working with texts. You're also fluent in English and feel frustrated over the fact that our page doesn't exist in your native language. 


Hello, Mr/Ms ambassador?

Are you our next country ambassador?

Our goal is to go global. If you think that Buy Food with Plastic is a great and well-needed idea, that it would work in your country and you currently feel like you're having both the time, spirit and resilience to implement the project, we'd be happy to get you on board. Reach out and we'll tell you more about the process.

Our Members

you guys rock!


Eva Cabanas & Filipe Ribeiro (Portuguese)

Anaik Horii (French)

Rebeca Apolo (Italian & Spanish)

Anna Herbst (German)

Passive Members, we can always count on:

Sarah Vaclavik

Larina Müller

Delphine Roth

Elif Useini

Moritz Alder

Rebeca Apolo

Jeanine Etschmann

Katharina Esposito

Georg Bückmann

Martine Fehr

Cornelia Frst

Michael Gmuer

Natasa Grujicic

Helena Kwon

Elena Pinna

Angela Maranda

Marco Sutter

Hannah Wepler

Marie LeLievre